Finding Aid

Here is a list of books and inscriptions to enable researchers to find blog posts quickly and look for larger patterns. The list can also be found as a spreadsheet here, and it will be periodically updated.

List of abbreviations

AL: Allison Library, Regent College
BLY: Beinecke Library, Yale University
BOD: Bodleian Library
BPL: Boston Public Library
BUL: Bangor University Library
CUL: Cambridge University Library
FSL: Folger Shakespeare Library
GC: Grolier Club
GUL: Ghent University Library
HLH: Houghton Library, Harvard University
HUN: Huntington Library
LL: The Lilly Library, Indiana University
LWL: Lewis Walpole Library
PO: Private Ownership
RC: Special Collections, Reed College
UCB: University of Colorado Boulder Library

List of Books and Owners

Book TitleAuthorDateOwnerdate inscriptionLoc
Historie of the ChurchPatrick Simson1634Elizabeth Ashe1656PO
The Counterfeit BridegroomAphra Behn (attrib)1677Millisent SmithBPL
The Death of Ministers ImprovedThomas Vincent et al.1678Grace, Maisy, Mary Lee BrookeAL
The Causes of the Decay of Christian PietyRichard Allestree1667Christiana Isabella Harvey1686PO
Book of Common Prayer1679Elizabeth Walker, Ann, ElinorPO
The Bible, That Is, The Holy Scriptures Conteyned in the Olde and Newe TestamentAnn Kent15861696PO
The Soules ConflictRichard Sibbes1636Anne Lake1638FSL
An Epitome of Mr. John Speed’s Theatre of the Empire of Great BritainJohn Speed1676Sarah Walker1826FSL
Fruitfull SermonsHugh Latimer1596An Baley, Mary Ann Baley, Elizabeth OrwinPO
Lexicon TetraglottonJames Howell1660Katherine BridgemanFSL
Book of Common Prayer1706Sarah Gwynn1707PO
The Maids RevengeJames Shirley1639Dorothy ?PO
Book of Common Prayer1720Margaret Davison, Mary Davison?/1827PO
Countess of Pembroke’s ArcadiaPhilip Sidney1674Judith Tichborn1713RC
Holy Bible/Psalms1676Rebekah Fisher1678FSL
Part of Lucian Made English from the OriginallJasper Mayne1664Elizabeth Mallory, Elizabeth Welles1694PO
Historia della guerra fra Turchhi et PersianiGiovanni Thommaso Minadoi1594Elizabeth Grey, Countess of KentBOD
The Divine Services and AnthemsJames Clifford1664Ann CullifordPR
Den wech der volmaectheytTeresa d’Avila1634Sr Maria Barbara MarolenPR
Super prima parte Digesti noviBartolo of Sassoferrato1478Rachel JevonGC
The Doctrine of Law and Grace UnfoldedJohn Bunyan1701Mary AdamsAL
A King and No KingBeaumont and Fletcher1631Mary WoodBOD
Hundreth Sundrie FlowresGeorge Gascoigne1573Mary WoodBOD
A Tragicall Historie of the Troubles and Civile WarresThomas Stocker1583Mary WoodBOD
Davids Desire to Goe to ChurchJohn Day1615Mary WoodBOD
Ancila pietatisDaniel Featley1626Mary WoodBOD
The Schoole of VertueSeager and Crowley1635Mary WoodBOD
A Forme of Common PrayerChurch of England1636Mary WoodBOD
A Short Introduction to GrammarWilliam Lily1636Mary WoodBOD
The Kings Cause Rationally, Briefly, and Plainly DebatedJohn Doughty1640Mary WoodBOD
The English ExpositorJohn Bulloka1641Mary WoodBOD
A Forme of Common PrayerChurch of England1643Mary WoodBOD
The Psalter of DavidTaylor and Hatton1644Mary WoodBOD
The Gentlewoman’s CompanionHannah Woolley1673Elizabeth Bamford, Ann StarkeyHUN
Mr. Boltons Last and Learned Worke of the Foure Last ThingsRobert Bolton1639Eliza Blois1675PR
Christeliicken Waer-seggher (Christian Truth-Teller)Jan David1603Maria Elisabeth de WaleGUL
The Work of Jesus Christ as an AdvocateJohn Bunyan1688Elizabeth Leakey, Molly Salsbury, Ann ?AL
Eikon BasilikeJohn Gauden1649Anna Vyvyan170?PO
The TurkeJohn Mason1610Mary WillsonBPL
GraceChristopher Love1652Ann ClarkePO
The Saints HappinessJeremiah Burroughs1660Sarah Allyson Metham,Mary Allyson Brooke1701, 1725AL
Instructions for a Young NoblemanTrotti de La Chétardie1683Sara WalcotPO
Book of Common Prayer1678Elisabeth Moyle, Jane Moyle1759, ?BUL
The Novels and Tales of the Renowned John BoccaccioGiovanni Boccaccio1684Elizabeth HawksmoorPO
New Testament Book of Psalmsvarious1638/1640Anne BoganLL
The Sermons of Hugh LatimerHugh Latimer1549Barbara GoldeFSL
Miscellanies in Prose and VerseHester Chapone1777Catherine TolletLWL
Supplication of SaintsThomas Sorocold1693Lydia PedleyAL
Delights for Ladies/Closet for LadiesHugh Plat1617, 1618Ellenor Hatcher, Rachel Dando, Rachel Wilson, Sarah Baylie1666BLY
A Collection of the Several Books and WritingsGeorge Fox1662Ann Steevens, Rebeccah Steevens1662PO
The Queen-Like ClosetHannah Woolley1670Thomasin FrancklynPO
Swenska Psalm-Boken1778Anna Erics dotter1779PO
The Exiles of the Court of Augustus CaesarMadame de Villedieu1726Anna SourhousePO
Herba Perietis or The WallflowerThomas Bayly1650Ann RoodhowePO
The Holy Bible1628Judith Martin, Elizabeth Sherodc. 1628, ?HLH
A Glance of HeavenRichard Sibbes1638Ellinor Grame, Mary Cawdwell?, 1712AL
The Mother’s BlessingDorothy Leigh1640Elizabeth BeweFSL
Operum… philoso-pherum omniumAristotle1590HLH
ParthenissaRoger Boyle1676Cary Coke NewtonPO
Poems etc. Written upon Several OccasionsEdmund Waller1690Mary Harris1700PO
Practique TheoriesJohn Gaule1630Nightingale Archer, Miss Haselwood, Nightingale LongvilleFSL
Theosplanch-nistheisSamuel Moore1648Ann Ashfold; Ann Peters, Mary ?FSL
The Holy Bible1599Susanna Harding1742UCB
The Rule and Exercises of Holy LivingJeremy Taylor1663Penelope Stores, Debora Storre, Penelope Lowcocke, Marget StorePO
Divine FanciesFrancis Quarles1632Elizabeth Felgate1704PO
Book of Common Prayer1711Elizabeth CatchpolePO
Ovid’s Metamor-phosis EnglishedGeorge Sandys1626Elizabeth Staples, Anna Hickman1683, 1684PO
The English GentlewomanRichard Brathwaite1631Prudence Pooley, Susanna Pooley, Susan PooleyCUL
Flora, seu de Florum CulturaJohn Rea1665Elizabeth YorkePO
The Practice of PietyLewis Bayly1654Margarett Wynne1672PO
The Practice of PietyLewis Bayly1616Margaret RaynhamFSL
The Historie of the Holy WarreThomas Fuller1640Mary SteadPO
The Book of MartyrsJohn Foxe1641Rebecka ?PO
PoemsKatherine Philips1667Hannah Flatman1674FSL