George Fox, A Collection of the Several Books and Writings (1662)


If Ann Steevens’ inscription is accurate, then she acquired her copy of George Fox’s works shortly after publication. A footnote in The Short Journals and Itinerary Journals of George Fox (Cambridge, 1925) tells us that “[t]he Steevens family were for several generations leading members of the Society of Friends in Wycombe [Buckinghamshire]” (373). Ann was doubtless a Quaker and her hasty procurement of the book perhaps a testament to her devotion to her faith. A detailed family tree by Christophe Farrand points to her identity. She was born Ann Kingham, married Jeremiah Steevens, and died in 1712.

A later inscription on the title page reads “Rebecch [sic] Steevens to Sarah Steevens.” According to the same family tree, Sarah and Rebeccah Steevens are either granddaughters or great-granddaughters of Ann Steevens; both sisters appear together in two separate generations.

Source: Book offered for sale by Schilb Antiquarian, 12/18/2018. Images used with permission.

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