Robert Wild, Iter Boreale, with Other Select Poems (1671)


This edition of poetry by Robert Wild, a clergyman who was both a Presbyterian and a Royalist, was published in 1671. The poem “Iter Boreale” (March from the North) was dedicated to General George Monck to honor him for his march to London, which led to the Restoration of Charles II to the throne. This edition, which includes other political poetry, such as a tribute to Christopher Love, a Presbyterian who was executed in 1651 for plotting to restore Charles II to the throne, and eulogies on Presbyterian members of the Westminster Assembly and other key figures, must have been meaningful to Royalist readers, who could read the poems to look back on a turbulent era.


The modest inscription of a woman named Sarah Nicholas in a 1671 edition of a collection of Robert Wild’s poetry appears to date from the 18th century. If so, her reading of the collection suggests a possible religious and political affiliation, and, at the very least, an interest in the history of the Civil Wars and their aftermath.


Source: Book offered for sale by Stephen Rench, 4/4/19. Images used with permission.

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