The Holy Bible (1628)

Harvard Library, Cambridge, MA, USA, STC 2283.5
Harvard Library, Cambridge, MA, USA, STC 2283.5. (I’ve shown the back first because it’s in slightly better shape than the front.)

You’ll probably see a lot of bibles as this blog grows, and at least three women signed their names to this one. The earliest signature belongs to Judith Martin, who must have received and inscribed her copy shortly after it was printed in 1628:


Judeth Martin her
booke, by the gift
of her Brother,
Jos. Andrewe.
Jan: 15th. 1628

Elizabeth Sherod seems to have acquired the book later.

It’s not immediately apparent who created the beautiful embroidered binding, but it is tempting to think it is Judith’s own work.


Note the gilt and gauffered edges, too.

The nineteenth-century signature is a bit trickier, although “Her Book” is very clear. Any guesses?

Houghton STC 2283.5 flyleaf


Source: The Holy Bible (1628). STC STC 2283.5, sig. A1r, endleaf, and binding. Houghton Library, Cambridge, MA, USA. Photographed by Erin A. McCarthy.

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