James Clifford, The Divine Services and Anthems Usually Sung in His Majesties Chappell and in All Cathedrals and Collegiate Choires in England and Ireland (1664)


This copy of churchman James Clifford’s second edition of The Divine Services and Anthems Usually Sung in His Majesties Chappell bears the inscription of Ann Culliford. Like so many of our women owners on this website, Ann has not been definitively identified. A document now at the Dorset History Centre does contain a parish removal order for an Ann Culliford, wife of William Culliford. (More on removal orders here.) If this is the same Ann, then it is clear that she must have fallen on hard times during some point during her life.



In addition to the lyrics of hymns, Clifford’s book was also issued with a fold-out plate of music entitled “The Scale, or, Basis of Musick,” which tutored the reader in the rudiments of reading music.


Source: Book offered for sale by Keoghs Books, 4/4/19. Images used with permission.

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