Giovanni Boccaccio, The Novels and Tales of the Renowned John Boccacio (1684)


Elizabeth Hawksmoor signed this late seventeenth-century edition of Boccaccio’s works. Though it is difficult to ascertain the precise date of the hand, it is worth noting that the architect Nicholas Hawksmoor had a daughter named Elizabeth. She is one candidate for the identity of the book’s owner, though the attribution is by no means definitive.

An Elizabeth Hawksmoor also inscribed the title page of a 1661 edition of Silius Italicus’s epic poem Punius, now held Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library. The book includes the inscription, dated 11 October, 1683, of another female owner “R. Remee.”


Source: Book offered for sale by Roger Middleton, 3/22/19. Images used with permission.


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