Trotti de La Chétardie, Instructions for a Young Nobleman, or, The Idea of a Person of Honour (1683)


This 1683 English translation of Trotti de La Chétardie’s conduct book for young noblemen is inscribed not by a man, but by Sarah Walcot, whose ownership inscription on the book’s front blank leaf appears to date from the 18th century. There is also an inscription from a Sarah Walcot in The Folger Shakespeare Library’s copy of A Helpe to Discourse, or, A Miscelany of Seriousnesse with Merriment (1631, STC 1551.35), though it is not clear whether the two individuals are the same.


The bookseller “S. Magnes” in the imprint of Instructions for a Young Nobleman is Susanna Magnes, about whom little is known.

Source: Book offered for sale by Bernard Quaritch, 1/4/19. Images used with permission.

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